Information Is the Engine of Efficiency

The vastness of railways – cars, cargo, track, countries and conditions – presents a massive challenge for management of rolling stock and rail operations.

IPICO’s low cost, passive RF technology enables consistently accurate identification and control of assets in virtually any operating environment:

  • At speeds of up to 260 KPH
  • In challenging weather or extreme electromagnetic conditions
  • In crowded rail yards
  • In both online and off line modes of operation

Because IPICO overcomes limitations of conventional RFID, it opens a wide range of management solutions including:

Train Configuration and Capacity Management: Simply and accurately, identifying the location and status of every piece of rolling stock, making and breaking trains, and routing cars – saving huge amounts of time and labour.

Safety: Preventing trains from heading onto the wrong track at the wrong time, even in remote, offline environments. And preventing the wrong cargo from being loaded onto the wrong car – for example, loading coal onto a car that formerly held fuel.

Maintenance: Management of repairs and cleaning of each engine or car, with the history housed on the RFID tag as well as on a central database.


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Societé Nationale des Chemins de fer Belges (SNCB) is implementing IPICO's Rolling Stock ID technology to automatically track, trace and secure its passenger trains and rolling stock within Belgium.

Antwerp-based system integrator ProcAT N.V., will supply SNCB with IPICO’s fixed and handheld readers as well as custom designed railway tags to be attached to the thousands of railway cars used by SNCB. The majority of the readers will be installed next to railway tracks, and will automatically capture the data of each individual railcar.

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