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The paper industry uses 100's of millions of paper reels each year. A single reel can be 2.5 metres thick and weigh several tonnes.

To manage these reels, the industry sticks hand-scrawled legends and barcodes on the outside – tagging that can get easily hidden or damaged. This makes tracking expensive and spotty. What is needed is an RFID solution that is proximity-based, not line-of-sight-based.

Conventional RFID technology comes up short because paper is made of water, which plays havoc with UHF signals.  IPICO’s SmartCore™ Solution puts our patented IP-X™, DF tag right in the reel’s core.  Reading is executed in a flash, with 100% accuracy. The IPICO SmartCore™ can even tell how much paper is left on the reel. 

The resulting industry-wide savings and process improvements promise to be transformative.

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IPICO launches with Sonoco Products Inc. (“Sonoco”) the world’s first RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled core solution “ICORE” specifically designed for the paper industry and demonstrated at the Supercorr Expo in September 2008 in Atlanta Georgia. IPICO and Sonoco have developed a unique process by which IPICO’s RFID technology is embedded in fiber-based cores. Sonoco is planning to use this process to produce its new Intellicore engineered carriers which are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of paper manufacturers.

Sonoco and IPICO Introduce Embedded Identification Technology to the Paper Industry
Sonoco Provides Intellicore Cores to Paper Manufacturers Using IPICO’s RFID Technology

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Paper Reel Tracking Animation

See how IPICO RFID provides automatic identification of paper reels as they move through typical retrieval, use and storage scenarios. (Requires Quicktime)


 IPICO Paper Reel Reader

Specially designed reader makes reel identification easy and accurate.