Unforgiving Environments, Unstoppable Solutions

Today’s most vital mining tool isn’t a hard hat, a diamond-tipped drill bit or a blasting cap. It’s data. Data drives safety and productivity, the twin engines of viability and profitability for the global mining industry.

To get that data, mining managers need to be able to cost-effectively and reliably track and control the comings and goings of miners, along with the movement of equipment and ore. And do this in the harshest of conditions.

Mining’s high humidity levels and metallic surfaces interfere with traditional passive RFID signals. These just don’t make the grade. In emergencies, the need for tracing may even extend beyond the limits of a given battery’s life.

IPICO’s low-cost, ultra-reliable technology extends the range of existing solutions and opens up vast new possibilities for the safe, efficient increasingly automated operations of mines large and small.

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Just In Time Tracking

During the first two weeks after commissioning, the IPICO-based solution at Paardekraal Mine, the system proved its worth by delivering accurate, real time shift clearance information. Prior to a blast, the system identified that one miner was unaccounted for. A proto-team sent into the mine found a disoriented employee just before the blasting began, averting a possible tragedy.