IPICO tags and readers are designed to work together to perform in challenging application environments.

Dual Frequency Products

Dual frequency products are used in challenging environments where the tags are in close proximity to RF absorbent materials such as people, animals, vegetation or soil, or fluids.  They are ideal for tracking people, animals, documents and paper rolls. They are also well suited to mining and underground applications like marking buried pipes.

Ideal for Lossy Media: These dual frequency products offer the same ability as low frequency RF systems for operating tags in lossy media using the same IP-X multi-read protocol as the IPICO UHF products. The low frequencies used can penetrate through lossy media without the tag antenna detuning and the high attenuation encountered with UHF systems. And compared with other low frequency technologies, IPICO's dual frequency products can achieve much longer reading ranges.

Handles Dynamic Tag Populations Very Well: The IP-X protocol handles dynamic tag populations extremely well allowing up to 120 tags to be read simultaneously, at a rate of up to 30 tags/s. The Reader does not have to complete reading a group before new tags are added. These dual frequency products employ the same anti-collision algorithm and offer the same high data rates as do IPICO's UHF systems.

Ultra High Frequency Products

Ultra high frequency products are used in challenging environments where fast-moving tags need to be read at long distances such as for Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI). UHF products are also used where dynamic tag populations must be read in such applications as Supply Chain Management (SCM).