ePedigree, Privacy and Security

In a world increasingly under commercial or civil threat, pervasive security is vital.

Security may be compromised where chips are clonable, blank tags are available on the open market or simple password protection is all that stands in the way of improper access.

IPICO's exclusive security technologies provide levels of security that far exceed conventional approaches.

Five Fundamental Challenges

Organizations face five fundamental security challenges: 

ePedigree & Privacy

1.    Chip Authenticity:   

  • Is this chip legitimate?
  • And therefore, is the tagged person or object authentic?

This is essential for security of transactions and well as for security of facilities.

To help ensure item authenticity, IPICO chip IDs are programmed at the factory and no blank tags are made available.

2.    Object/Tag Linkage:   

  • Is the link between tagged object and tag secure?

A classic case is switching number plates on cars. Object/Tag linkage (container  and container bolt) is equally vital for container security and other shipping scenarios.

3.    Chain of Custody:   

  • Is the entire chain of custody secure?
  • Can each step in the chain be tracked and controlled in real time?

This is of fundamental importance for shipping of items such as armaments or sensitive documents. IPICO's proprietary chain-of-custody technology facilitates unbroken control of the movement of people, food or materials across an entire value chain. 

4.    Privacy  

RFID faces two key challenges when applied to people, not just goods:

  • Using RFID to control access at key points for security reasons and to know how many people are at a certain location, for example, in case of fire or natural disaster
  • Protecting the anonymity and privacy of people as they go about their daily lives at work or liesure

In many cases, the need for privacy has trumped the need for safety and security. While in other cases,  the need for security has impinged on the privacy. IPICO has solved this longstanding conflict without compromising either security and safety or privacy and anonymity.


5.    Hacking Resistance:   

  • Can the RFID be intercepted and the RFID networks hacked?

This is a fundamental concern at air and seaports or other secure operations. IPICO uses advance, patetnted scrambling techniques to protect the tag/reader relationship. Security can further be strengthened though use of asymmetric key encryption. 

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