Three Technologies for Realising the Potential of RFID

The great potential of RFID to create a safer, more efficient and more manageable world is well known.

But for actual RFID applications to deliver down-to-earth results, the RFID technology you chose may need to:

  • Perform in challenging  – but very ordinary – application environments
  • Provide security for people, animals and objects at individual target points or across an entire chain of custody

It is precisely on these tests that conventional technology typically falls short. And it is precisely where IPICO's patented technologies stand out.

1.    IPICO's IP-X™ RFID Air-interface Protocol
     IPICO developed the unique IP-X™ protocol to overcome the limitations experienced by conventional Reader-Talk-First (RTF) protocols in challenging environments. Chips, tags and readers on the IP-X platform are optimized to work together for maximum performance in applications where RTF protocols do not work well.
2.    IPICO's Dual Frequency Reader
     Our innovative, patented Dual Frequency technology, reduces or eliminates signal loss and reader collision caused by lossy materials such as liquid. See DF Products
3.    IPICO's ePedigree, Privacy and Security Features
     Our patented suite of ePedigree technologies and services ensures authentication of items, transactions and chains of custody. At the core of our security technology is our clone-resistant IP-X ID. We leverage this with a patented set of processes for managing:

  • The relationship between the tag and the tagged object
  • Entire chains of custody

In addition, IPICO ingenuity has solved the classic conflict between the need for iron-clad security and the need for absolute privacy. Now it is possible to have both, without compromise.  To find out more about our exclusive solution, please contact us.

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