Making Challenging Environments Manageable

If Your Application Fits Our Profile, We'll Be Glad to Develop a Solution for You

Our list of active solutions is but a fraction of the applications where IPICO technology is not only the best choice – it’s the only workable choice.

We will develop a solution for (and with) you if:

  • If your application involves challenging environments, and
  • Your are an end client or SI with significant  share in a sizeable market where RFID can help meet fundamental operational challenges

If you do  not see it on our list of active solutions, please get in touch.

Everyday Situations Often Pose Extreme Challenges

For example, you might not think that there is anything extreme about people milling around in an airport or autos zooming down the highway. But try to track them with conventional passive RFID.

People are made of water and water interferes with conventional RFID signals. Moreover, as one person moves in front of another, crowding can take place and the signal from one tag can mask another.

There’s a similar problem with highway tolling. Conventional passive RFID is unreliable for objects travelling in excess of 80KPH.

Challenging Environment Checklist

If your application involves any of the following conditions, chances are only IPICO can help:

  • Motion: objects moving over 80 KPH or in random (dynamic) patterns
  • Distance: read ranges of more than a few meters, especially in combination with other factors such as motion, available spectrum
  • Crowding: applications where one tag can mask another, including staked items or objects in motion
  • Materials: applications involving lossy materials such as water, carbon and foil
  • Spectrum: Applications where there is limited available spectrum, readers may need to share the same bandwidth