Realising Our Mission

IPICO's mission is to leverage our decisive technological advantages to become the dominant global provider of RFID technology, products and services within a growing set of closed loop vertical markets.

Our strategy is to partner with leading consultants, systems integrators and manufacturers to provide closed loop solutions that can be implemented with confidence to deliver compelling ROI for clients, business partners and IPICO itself.

How Technology Advantage Yields Customer Advantage

We own our own RFID air-interface protocol called IP-X. This protocol enables our chip designs to perform in a wide range of challenging application environments where conventional technologies fall short. The IP-X protocol underpins our superior ePedigree and Chain-of-Custody offering.
Our chips are manufactured by Swiss-based EM-Microelectronic. We also design and either manufacture or OEM a full line of RFID inlets, tags, readers and device management middleware. These are optimized to work with our IP-X chips and our EPC compliant products. This delivers an RFID infrastructure that is simply more effective. And, it offers clients a wider range of options.
Because we own our own protocol and chip sets, we can grant partners propriety access to this technology. This enables our partners to offer their clients truly differentiated, higher performance solutions, customized for their specific applications. And it provides IPICO-enabled solutions with the opportunity to become the industry standard in their categories.