A New Dimension of Sports Performance: Information

The right Information delivered to the right people at the right time can add value, opportunity and enjoyment to sports of all kinds.

IPICO's IP-X technology is making this happen and our IPICO SPORTS team is bringing IPICO's Sports Timekeeping solutions to the Active Sports, Wellness and Recreation markets.

With IPICO's technology, race directors, spectators, athletes, coaches, sponsors and media now have unrivaled and often immediate access to unlimited information. They can pinpoint participants in a crowd, track split times and get instant race results. Without worrying about bunching, motion, bad weather or materials – problems that plague ordinary RFID solutions and can add to costs.

The IPICO Sports Timekeeping solution has been road-tested in major races like the Steamboat Classic and BolderBOULDER with tens of thousands of participants.

To find out more, visit the IPICO SPORTS website.

How It Works

The IPICO Sports data capture system is very simple. The Sportag™ contains a microchip and two antenna loops—one to “wake-up” the tag and the other to send its signal. When the tag comes into contact with the antenna mat, it wakes up and starts sending its unique signal again and again to the reader, which stores volumes of data to be managed and communicated.

Sports timekeeping illustration


For more information please contact sports@ipico.com